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Sewing machine FAIL and a happy ending

I’ve had a bit of a stitchy fortnight, last weekend I completed my badger cushion and I LOVE it…

It’s by Gail Lawther as part of the Enchanted Forest range of designs. You stitch it from the back and cut away the excess fabric, then sew bias tape over the joins (or in my case I used a thin twill). I shrunk the original pattern down on the photocopier at work to make it cushion size and finished it with black corduroy. I have a hedgehog one to do too sometime, but as this took probably the best part of 10 hours to complete, they’re labour intensive cushions!

Then this weekend I’ve been trying to work on a bag by Charlie’s Aunt, however yesterday my sewing machine kept dropping stitches whilst sewing through a thick bit and now it wont even sew through a single piece of fabric- the top and bottom spools just aren’t friends anymore. 😦 I’ve tried adjusting the tension to every possible setting, I’ve deep cleaned the bobbin compartment, I’ve changed the needle twice and to no avail. This means I’m a bit behind on my sew alongs though I did fuse this this morning, I need to quilt it though before wednesday!

And here’s the bag- half finished. The corners are wonky and rubbish because of the number of times I sewed up the sides and had to go over my stitching. Needless to say its unsaleable and will be for me but I would love to give the pattern another go, I have lots of fabrics screaming to be used.

So what did I decide today? Well I saw this lovely AEG sewing machine on Argos which had all the features I was looking for and I decided instead of waiting for Santa I would need it sooner. Thankfully my new credit card (16 months free balance transfers!- I actually got very giddy about this when my application was approved *saddo*) nicely covers the amount and I have ordered it- should be delivered to work on tuesday afternoon- squee!

And now I’m making chutney with the ridiculous amount of cherry tomatoes that has just presented itself to me 🙂