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Modern Quilting Magazine

Modern Quilting magazine comes out tomorrow! It’s a bimonthly magazine but I am fortunate enough to have found out about it early so I have subscribed and got my copy on Saturday morning- hurrah!

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised. It’s got two Amy Butler projects including the one on the cover (which actually I don’t like that much) but some fab smaller projects including a really cool handbag I must make. A lot of the contributor names you will recognise from blogland (if you read the patchwork blogs like I do) and it has designer interviews which are pretty interesting. There’s a block design competition too where the prize is a sewing machine (I don’t really want the one they’re offering but my MIL does so I shall attempt to win it for her!) and the runner up prizes are unspecified jelly rolls. It might be worth a punt! I’m glad I subscribed, it’s really refreshing compared to some of the stuffier quilting magazines that are out there. I just need to persuade Vick the editor to take some of my projects on as tutorials 😀


Crafteroo magazine- get it now (cos it’s awesome)

Issue 1's cover!

As some of you will know already, a few of us over on the Crafteroo forum have got together to work on a new project- Crafteroo Magazine! We’re very excited about this, because not only should it drive more traffic our way, but also it should help us raise revenues for hosting, advertising and even craft challenges to make the forum even better!

The first issue is officially on sale TODAY! It only costs £1.50, has 17 craft projects and some great business ideas as well as being an interesting read- so hopefully you will find it terrific value for money. I dare you to not like it- we have spent months putting it together and everyone has workedso well to bring their different skills and knowledge to the project, all for free which is very generous.

Here are the contents… (click to enlarge)

If you’re sold on the idea, then the instructions on how to get your copy are HERE.

Please come and support us!

Crafteroo Magazine

This week I’ve been relearning the Adobe Suite and have been working on the soon-to-be-launched Crafteroo magazine, available digitally through Etsy and Folksy shops of forum members plus the Crafteroo forum itself from 1st October. Just in case you might be interested in advertising, the rates are cheap for the first issue (which will cost £1.50), all of the details are below should you be interested! (click pictures to enlarge)


I’ve not finished the front cover yet, but it’s nearly there…

And here’s a sample project from within!

I made something with fabric and it wasn’t a disaster!

Title says it all really. I decided this morning to print off the instruction manual for my cheap Lidl sewing machine and learn what all the different feet did. I cut a piece of vintage curtain 18″ x 42″ and hemmed the two shortest edges, before folding 12″ from the edge right sides together and sewing up the sides on both ends to make a simple slip cover for a 16″ cushion.

I decided to experiment a bit further and learned how to sew a buttonhole with the 4 step system I didn’t know my machine had, and even sewed on the buttons with the machine! It was an interesting experience and it isn’t exactly perfect- the back isn’t level for a start! Still I think this is great for a sewing-phobe like myself and I look forward to more adventures with simple sewing!

I also got an e-mail today advertising “Craftseller” magazine. It’s out quarterly starting tomorrow and is aimed specifically at those who make so much stuff their house is full and they want to sell some of it! I’m going to order a copy online to see what it is like, though I imagine it’s probably going to just be yet another multi-craft magazine out this year (I count this as the 4th new release since Feb!) and not teach me anything I don’t know. We will see!

Issue 3 is out!

Quick update to say that the third issue of Popular Crafts magazine is out today!

View the contents here: http://www.popularcrafts.com/news/article.asp?a=6648

A new job…

I’ve been very quiet on my blog recently, but with good reason, I think I’m now able to let you know that I have a new job!

Popular Crafts magazine comes out next month (3rd March to be exact) and I applied to be their web editor, basically looking after the website, forum, uploading articles, etc. A few weeks later I got the job and also the title of Magazine Editor- how amazing is that?!

Anyway I’ve been working 7 days a week at the minute because I started straight away and still working my other job (and also not forgetting my jewellery business as job number 3)! So struggling to blog, and also I’ve kept it quiet until I told me boss and signed the contract!

I’m very excited about this, it’s been my dream job since I learned that I wasn’t going to be able to draw for a living back when I was still at primary school. Recently I gave up hope because I didn’t want to move to London (and OH wanted to even less) and decided to pursue a career in design instead. I can’t believe my luck that I can work from home (with my doggies) and work on a title about my passion- crafts!

Anyway if you’d like to write an article, or donate a craft supplies prize in exchange for advertising in the magazine or on the website, give me a shout, and please come and join me on the forum at www.popularcrafts.com

Oh and buy the magazine please!

Beads and Beyond

I have a tutorial in the current Beads and Beyond that shows you how to make my Starburst Stacker pendants. If you want to pick up a copy, you can get it in WHSmiths and larger newsagents 🙂

Blogumentary: Cody’s Steampunk Earplugs Part 2 and a few other things…

Today I got on with the business of making the mould for the resin pugs I am making for Cody…

I superglued the model into the lid of a little tub to stop it from falling over…

I mixed the silicone in the main part of the pot…

I then popped the lid back on and tuned the pot upside down to allow the silicone to run around the model. The cup is for a bit of stability as the lid was slightly domed!

Also this morning before I went to work, I baked some tags for a customer. They are ready for sealing, just need to print a few more disks and her order is complete!

And on the subject of plastic tags (kind of), last night I bought the February edition of Crafts Beautiful from ASDA as my article on printed shrink plastic is in it, page 50-51! Check it out 😉

Magazine and giveaway winner

I bought Beads and Beyond (Issue 15) today, my tutorial is on page 30-31! I could have been happier with the photo taken to illustrate it, but it’smy first published piece, so chuffed 😀 Here’s a quick snap of the article (I’ve no idea what that big “2” means) and the piece you can learn to make:

Also the winner of the November Giveaway has been drawn and the winner is comment 6, Lauren from MayBeads! Congratulations, I have contacted you for your details.

I am taking part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month), so I will be blogging every day in November. Today is post 15! http://www.nablopomo.com

Beads and Beyond – December 2008 Issue 15

I’m writing a tutorial for Beads and Beyond’s December issue, focusing on a simple embedding technique for recycling fabric scraps. This will be the finished product:

I will be finishing writing it tonight and taking the pictures over the weekend, ready for submission at the beginning of the next week. I’m hoping this will help build my experience and therefore make my book proposal more appealing to publishers for when I send my reminder letters out to those who haven’t responded.