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A bodge job done good!

I decided to reupholster a battered stool. No I did not think to use upholstery grade fabric and no I also didn’t think to paint the legs and yes, it was completely on a whim with no guidance whatsoever. it worked OK though…

From this:


To this:

So firstly I ripped off the seat (it was loose as there was a screw missing), then pulled out the tacks holding the fabric on:

Binned the bleugh fabric:

Laid some fabric face down, put wadding on top (note: wadding sheets or foamwould be better than soft toy stuffing, but I used what I had), put seat face down on top of that…

Stapled the fabric taut round the seat. Staple gun broke quite soon in so resorted to tacks, a hammer and aggression…

Cut off the excess fabric- I always overdo it:

And then I used the screws (plus an extra one to replace the missing one) and drove them through the fabric and back in their original holes, and it’s finished! Ready to be another seat at Rothley Craft Farm…

Make 50: Week 3

It’s been a bit quiet on my blog recently for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve been slaving away on my book, working on background things such as getting it registered so that bookshops can order it when it is released, there have been quite a lot of custom orders, I’ve been geocaching and also making enough jewellery out of recycled materials for the “Make Do and Mend” exhibition last weekend:

So I’m back on the Make 50 challenge, and this week it is something I made for this event, made from a recycled book. Just going to list it on Etsy, Folksy and my site today!