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Blogumentary: Jenny Blaze’s Two-finger ring part 2

Now I’ve sanded the model down so it’s nice and smooth, ready for creating the mould:

I’ve also printed and transfered the decal onto acetate, and it will fit nicely:

The next step is to ive the acetate a good clean, and get casting the mould! I might need to buy some more moulding material though.


Blogumentary: Jenny Blaze’s Two-finger ring part 1

I’ve decided to document the stages to completion for a custom order I am currently working on. The design is a two finger ring which will be clear resin with floating name text. There will actually be two making up this order, one side that says “Jenny” and one that says “Blaze”. My first step was to get a couple of rings in the correct size and create the model in Milliput:

And the text style and positioning has been agreed:


The next stage will be sanding and creating the mould, and I also need to print the text decal!


It’s my photography HNC graduation ceremony today, so not much craftiness will be happening! I will show you some of the work for my final exhibition that was a big piece of the course instead. These pictures were taken with various models to advertise my jewellery (it’s still relevant!) and were then displayed with a showcase of my resin work too. These were shown at the LCB Depot in Leicester in June this year. I still like to do these shoots every so often, but no longer have a studio. If I win the lottery I will definitely be investing in a good kit 🙂

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