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Giveaway and Make 50: Week 7

Here’s my make for this week- some finished earrings with embedded moss. I will have these at the Remade Fashion Fair this Saturday at the Custard Factory, where I am showing my jewellery made from recycled materials and also found objects.

This week there is a twist to showing off my make- I’m offering it as a giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below linking to your favourite item for sale in the Crafteroo¬†Comic Relief shop which can be found here: http://crafterooshop.folksy.com

The winner will be drawn on 1st March at random. Good luck!


Moss cabochon update!

I had a play with the moss cabs that I made, and could turn them into little biorb-esque pieces if I drilled close to the edge. The 1.5mm drill bit worked a dream, so this is what I came up with! Very pleased with the earrings, not sure about the bracelet, I think it needs something more adding, any ideas?

Not sure about the brooches, but will take them along to Remade anyway, and I’m also selling the cabochons singlely for other people’s craft use, I’m thinking ¬£1 each.

Also my book is back up to full RRP as the offer finished yesterday, but it is very close to completion now, and may even be ready before the stated dates!

I made these…. now what?!

There’s a ton of moss around outside since the snow, our lawn will need completely reseeding! I decided to make the best of the situation by making these cabochons, though I’m still trying to think of ways of using them!

A few people have inspired me to try some felty stuff as I’m not sure how they will work being completely see-through, as if I attach a ring finding for example you will be able to see it. I’m going to see if I can drill close to the edge without breaking them tonight.