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I’m moving! Please move with me!

I’ve had this blog for 4 years now and whilst I love updating it, I’m finding WordPress is restricting my growth a bit and so I’ve decided to go independent. My blog content is all moving over too, just all future posts will be at my new address and not this one.

So what I’m saying is, please subscribe to http://blog.pennydog.com !

Please update your blog readers, e-mail subscriptions and bookmarks…. there will be a redirection in place very soon (about a week) but I don’t think this will update your RSS feeds and whatnot, so if you still want to read my blog, you know what to do. The design of the site will be changing a bit over the coming weeks too so I can now have it exactly as I want without any rules- very exciting (for me anyway).

On Sunday I’m going to go out and buy a nice fabricy giveaway prize and you will only be able to enter at my new location- just to give you a heads up!

This counts as a Blogtoberfest post, right?


Skint day

I’ve been a little bit strapped for cash today, so after paying some cheques in at the bank and posting out some orders I finished off some more bangles:

And I took the dogs for a walk and collected some autumn paraphenalia for embedding in some more jewellery. I’m thinking of moulding the acorn and putting a little sparkly resin bit back in the shells. Do you think this will work?


I’ve also lugged all of the furniture from my soon-to-be gallery shop area into my craft room, so now I can’t move in there. The reason being that we are getting new carpets monday/tuesday. We got new doorknobs on our wardrobes upstairs so now we can open them and move our clothes in, which I was *ahem* supposed to do today and got distracted. A job for tomorrow I think. On Monday we will be able to move into our proper bedroom at long last!