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Some good news and a photo of my OH looking like a nutter

To me, they look like Jo Brand and a little boy with a beard but here is my OH (right) and his colleague marking some kind of church centenary thing in the village today…


I can also announce now that Itemise (http://www.itemise.co.nz) are my new distributors in New Zealand. There was a trade show in Auckland at the end of last month and a few orders were placed, here was the stand and my stuff on it 🙂



Cool work by LR Jewellery Design

I was doing a bit of Googling this evening and came across the work of LR Jewellery Design (http://www.lrjewellerydesign.com/) in New Zealand. These pieces are made from a mixture of acrylic and resin and I would LOVE to know how these are made. I definitely have to investigate acrylic further. I have some sheets I was going to saw into animal shapes but somehow that just doesn’t cut it anymore!