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A little test

I’ve been testing a couple of new resins which will be available to the UK craft market soon but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it yet or not. Anyway I made this simple necklace with the crazy shapes mould on my website and I actually quite like it 🙂 These resins have inspired me to try dipping flowers and also I’m working on a new idea which will focus more on texture and shape than I have done previously. Hopefully I will have something to show you soon as I get motivated and my workload reduces.

I’ve ordered a couple of new papercrafty bits to add to my Folksy supplies shop too so hopefully that will get some attention soon and I will have a sort out over there as I have a few new buttons and things that I’ve not put on yet.


OMG I don’t believe it

I’ve actually had a bit of resin crafting mojo back! So much so I’ve been working on new designs for the first time in absolutely months. It’s so refreshing not churning out the same stuff, I think I might have to slowly filter in some changes this year, discontinuing more items and introducing new ones..

Here’s a sneaky peek of my lyric bangles and some more vintage animal pendants waiting to be sanded…

I’ve listed more supplies on Folksy today too.

Blog and run…

Another uber-quick post, just to let you know that the white bezels are now in stock. These are now not just poly-cemeted togehter, but are extra reinforced around the edges, eliminating any leak problems you may have previously experienced! Don’t forget the bezel competition if you fancy having a go with any of the range!

Also I now have one trial run of pigment to see how it goes and if you guys want more colours!

PennyDog exclusive resin bezels!

Coming very soon are these new bezels for resin jewellery! I designed them and then had them prduced in black acrylic, with white versions expected a little later this year depending on how well received these are! They are 5mm deep, so brilliant for embedding more than just fabric and paper.

You also get a template with each one so you can accurately cut paper to go inside, simply draw around the shape and cut just inside of the line.

They are laser cut and then I assemble them by hand. Leave me a comment if there’s a particular shape you would like to see made and it might just happen!

This little square is 1.5cm wide, I plan to sell these as a bracelet kit with 5 pieces, a toggle clasp and jump rings for £7.20, or individual pieces for £1.50 each.

These stars and hearts are 2 inches wide and make very cute pendants. I plan to sell these for £2.20 each.

I only received these samples today and I was so impatient that I didn’t seal the paper in these properly and the glue probably wasn’t completely dry so it went white, so please excuse the rubbishness of these examples and pretend they are really good 😉

New for 2010- plans are underway…

For a while I’ve wanted to0 make something BIG, some kind of centrepiece for when I go to fairs to draw in the crowds. I wanted to make an electric guitar body and then add the components to make it a fully working model, but the cost of the silicone to make the mould was just too scary. Now I have decided to make a 40cm square chessboard and staunton pieces! I think I would make the board from acrylic squares mounted on a slightly bigger sheet of clear/frosted acrylic, though I am toying with the idea of making the squares from resin. The pieces would then be made from resin too! It’s just knowing what colours to do, whether I should embed any objects, etc. Have you any thoughts?

Here’s my first trial piece!

Also lined up for next year are selection packs of buttons by colour and also improved knitting needle packaging and manufacture to stop the issues that have arisen with some of my Christmas orders! I plan to supply them in clear tubes with pretty fabric ends, and instead of making to order, only selling those that have had at least a week to settle and solidify. In addition there will be two new designs to the range which will be available for Valentine’s day!

I will also be having a “spring clean” on the website- taking out any slow sellers or items I don’t feel like making anymore to make it more concise and less overwhelming, and there will be a 50p price rise on resin moulds from January 1st too, so lots going on- better buy now to avoid disappointment!

Have a great Christmas (and it’s my birthday tomorrow)!

New stuff going on

I’ve been making loads of new stuff recently, so thought I’d share some here as my blog post today 🙂




Work in progress…

Today I thought I’d share some work in progress with you straight out of the moulds, that I’m preparing for the showcase at Plush Jewellery in Chichester from the 4th to 17th October. They just need sanding, drilling, varnishing and finishing…

From L-R: Gold leaf ring, Sprinkle earring hoops, lime ring, faux red coral earring hoops, sprinkle bangle

And a couple of close ups:


And some other pieces I am working on…

From L-R: Recycled paper stripy bangle, blue bird graphical pendant, recycled music pendant, recycled wool pendant, gold leaf heart pendant.

And some more close-ups!


I’ll put them up on Flickr when they’re finished!

New necklace

I listed this on Etsy today at £20 with a gold plated chain (£30 with 9ct gold chain), I like how it turned out, though the chain colour isn’t right in the picture due to a supply issue.


New technique!

Last night I developed a new mouldless technique for working with resin that I’ve called “mashing”. I’ll make sure I write about it in my book, when I finally sit down and write something. This is the product of that, they look like naturally formed rock crystals or ice (the pinkiness is a trick of the light)! Thing is, I don’t know what to make with them now! Please make a comment or e-mail me if you have any ideas!

My new toy

I collected this yesterday to start making my acrylic pieces… it will work really well when I have a thinner, finer blade. Tried to make a duck shape and had to keep reversing out of the piece due to it not taking corners well, but should sort itself out with a finer blade!

Will be changing the look of this page very soon to match the look and feel of the website and Etsy shop, courtesy of Holly at http://FaeryLace.etsy.com