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An idea…

Can you tell what it is? I had a query through Etsy today and it got me thinking- I could offer J-hoop style earrings very easily, so I will be having a play with these and see whether the sketch can transform into reality!

Also I have picked 3 people to receive something from me in the pay it forward, they are:
Sarah Scott

Don’t forget that you can now blog for participants in your own Pay It Forward now that you have been selected- I’ll get stuff out to you next week once I’ve collected your addresses!

Pay it forward!

I took part in a PIF (pay it forward) swap with Molly from Blackberry Crafts (www.blackberrycrafts.co.uk) and received these lovely goodies!

There is a hot drink holder (which I’ve been wearing as a bracelet), some fingerless gloves and a button brooch. In return, I have to offer my readers a similar deal!

So if you’d like a free PennyDog product, please post here! The only condition is that if you are picked as one of my 3 recipients, you in turn need to blog a PIF of your own, and send something to 3 of your readers…

So, hands up! I will pick 3 people at random on 19th June.