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Getting my act together!

I have very recently done a bit of housekeeping to keep my sanity, and gone through my entire catalogue and discontinued many items. This is either because they were slow sellers, they were prone to design faults, or I just didn’t enjoy making them anymore. Also I’ve had to list items as made to order where necessary. These are the popular lines that I do want to keep selling, but just haven’t had the time to make a batch available straight away. Since I won’t be doing any craft fairs next year (!) I don’t want to be sitting on a lot of stock either, at least for the time being. So you will notice that there are now turnaround times on a lot of things- please take this into consideration if ordering for Christmas. The reason these dates vary is so I can make sure I am sending out good quality products. I was starting to want to stop jewellery making altogether very recently because of breakages in the post, items arriving with strong smells and generally not doing the best I could because I was being pressured by time. With these dates it means I can send out the best quality pieces and avoid disappointment. However where possible I will send out sooner if I think something is ready to go. This also means I will have a minimum of 28 days lead time on all wholesale orders and 7-14 days on custom orders.

Just so you know… 😉 Oh and I may well be changing the resin I use soon so that I get a nicer result anyway…. will let you know if and when that happens!


Christmas Posting Dates are now on the website homepage, please bear these in mind as these are the very last dates to place your order for guaranteed delivery before Christmas:

Items available immediately:
Australia and other countries not mentioned: 5th December
The US, Canada, Eastern Europe: 9th December
Western Europe: 11th December
UK: 20th December

Items with 3 days turnaround:
Australia and other countries not mentioned: 2nd December
The US, Canada, Eastern Europe: 6th December
Western Europe: 8th December
UK: 17th December

Items with up to 5 days turnaround:
Australia and other countries not mentioned: 30th November
The US, Canada, Eastern Europe: 4th December
Western Europe: 6th December
UK: 15th December

Items with up to 7 days turnaround:
Australia and other countries not mentioned: 28th November
The US, Canada, Eastern Europe: 2nd December
Western Europe: 4th December
UK: 13th December

Items with up to 10 days turnaround:
Australia and other countries not mentioned: 25th November
The US, Canada, Eastern Europe: 29th November
Western Europe: 1st December
UK: 10th December

As it is also my birthday, I will be closing my shop a day or two early 😉

A couple of quick things…

Firstly, the Flickr competition has been extended until Christmas now as I am adding more bezels to the shop later and it would be unfair to release these so close to deadline. The group explains what is goiung on, but basically if you take a picture of anything you have made with a PennyDog acrylic bezel and post it there, you could win a lot more of them!

Secondly I have put some of Penny’s best moments on Facebook, these pictures make me smile and I hope it will help to undo making so many people cry!

Shop is closed!

My Website and Folksy and Etsy shops are currently closed whilst I take a holiday, they will be open again on Friday 8th October!

W00t! A tute! Distressed Victorian Lace recycled jewellery pendant

It’s about time I shared a tutorial with you. I have a couple of other ones I hope to post relatively soon too…

You will need:
Clear Polyester Gelcoat
Plastic spoon (optional)
Plastic cup
Mixing stick
Mould release spray
Hot pink Pearl Ex powder
Lisa Pavelka “Romance” Texture stamp
Band Saw or Junior Hacksaw
Black pigment inkpad
Acrylic spray
9mm jump ring
Recycled jewellery chain
Recycled flower dangly earring

Pearl Ex powder and Lisa Pavelka stamp from the Polymer Clay Pit: www.polymerclaypit.co.uk

1) Prep the texture stamp with mould release spray and leave to dry. Spoon about 4 level teaspoons of polyester gelcoat into a plastic cup and add catalyst as directed.

2) Stir well until it is a beige colour instead of pink and sprinkle in some pink pearl ex powder. Use the stick to mix this in thoroughly to give a pearlised effect.

3) Pour the gelcoat onto the rubber stamp and then level out with the spoon. Leave to set for about an hour- gelcoat sets much faster than normal resin!

4) Pull the rubber carefully away from the resin piece.

5) Cut a rectangle out of the resin sheet. I used a band saw, but you can also use a junior hacksaw if you don’t have one.

6) Apply the ink to the texture on the resin thoroughly and leave to dry for a few minutes before sealing with an acrylic spray.

7) Drill a hole through the top of the piece. Take some old chain from some retro costume jewellery and attach each end to the pendant through a 9mm jump ring. The chain should be long enough that it doesn’t need a clasp. Next, take the earwire off an old costume earring and hand the charm in front of the resin piece. Close the jump ring.


Patera bezels

I’ve just started selling the Patera range of deep well bezels in my shop. They’re not cheap as they’re made in the US from cast pewter and then coated (the £50 postage and customs bill didn’t help either!). I have a small selection of shapes in antique gold, antique silver, sterling silver and copper. Here’s one I made earlier…

Mimickry is a form of flattery…

… is what my OH has just told me. I’ve discovered yet more people selling resin fruit jewellery which I originally started making about 2 years ago now, and for less than I sell it for. Thing is it’s an easy thing to do, buy polymer clay canes and stick pieces in resin, so I don’t know if I can state ownership of the design, but it’s still very annoying.

I suppose this means I am always one step ahead?

A few months ago I had similar concerns over a magazine article that was very similar to the way I’d written one in my book with a few additions which were actually pretty good. I sent the relevant pages of my book to the editor of the magazine and asked for her opinion on the matter. It then got dealt with in the wrong way and turned out that the author of the article who used to be a regular customer of mine got upset by the accusation, of which it wasn’t- it was a concern to be addressed by the editor only- and as a result of the editor passing the buck, this lady no longer references me as her supplier for moulds in her articles anymore. Very annoyed and I would truly love to name this magazine now but I won’t!

I guess there’s nothing more to do than keep exploring the limits of the medium and try to stay ahead of the game through being an experimenter and taking onboard the wants of the wider public, sharing the ones in books and articles that I don’t mind giving away and keeping the others to myself. I do like people learning to make resin jewellery themselves, this is why I wrote my book in the first place and chose to import the moulds from the States so that we have better supplies in this country for practising the craft. I just think there’s a difference between an artist explorign different designs, techniques and then making them reflect their own personality and style, and a crafter copying existing designs either directly from tutorials or from other people’s work.

I’m thinking about seasonalising my jewellery, rather than having it available constantly for years in the same designs, not only to reflect fashion trends but to make it more exclusive. What are the important factors for you when buying jewellery? Style? Price? Something unusual you’ve not seen before? Materials? Craftsmanship? Please share your thoughts and hopefully there will be a nice assortment of ideas from you that I can learn from and build upon for the next collection!

PennyDog exclusive resin bezels!

Coming very soon are these new bezels for resin jewellery! I designed them and then had them prduced in black acrylic, with white versions expected a little later this year depending on how well received these are! They are 5mm deep, so brilliant for embedding more than just fabric and paper.

You also get a template with each one so you can accurately cut paper to go inside, simply draw around the shape and cut just inside of the line.

They are laser cut and then I assemble them by hand. Leave me a comment if there’s a particular shape you would like to see made and it might just happen!

This little square is 1.5cm wide, I plan to sell these as a bracelet kit with 5 pieces, a toggle clasp and jump rings for £7.20, or individual pieces for £1.50 each.

These stars and hearts are 2 inches wide and make very cute pendants. I plan to sell these for £2.20 each.

I only received these samples today and I was so impatient that I didn’t seal the paper in these properly and the glue probably wasn’t completely dry so it went white, so please excuse the rubbishness of these examples and pretend they are really good 😉

Resin experiment continued…

When I went upstairs to check on the new Resin Obsession fast set resin last night, it had gone really bendy, like it still hadn’t cured yet. I can only imagine I didn’t stir it well enough, so at the minute I can’t tell the difference between this and normal epoxy resins. I will give it a go again and time it in the heat box once I have a bulb for it and then we will really see.

However, taking it out early did create something you can only do with epoxy, rather than polyester that I am used to- The bendiness meant I could fold it over and give it it’s own “bail” . I left this overnight and it finished setting that way, meaning no drilling needed, just slip a piece of cord through and voila! I think I have another tutorial to write!

Closed for a few days

I’ve had to close my website for a little while to upgrade the security. Regular readers and Newsletter subscribers will know that I’ve had problems with hackers getting in and redirecting money from orders so I still had to fill the orders but the money never came.

There were signs that they got in again yesterday evening so I took the decision to take everything offsale until some upgrades have been done. I haven’t had any proper maintenance done since the site was first built 2 years ago, so I guess it’s time anyway.

For the time being I am still on Etsy and Folksy though, so I’ve not closed completely! Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon, I’m already temporarily without a Paypal account since a money transfer went wrong last week and my account was suspended, however today I think that will be sorted out if my bank is anything to go by.

If you want to be notified when the site reopens, you can check back here or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified by e-mail.

Cheep Cheap!

I got my returned items and have started polishing them up., Some have gone in the bin as I wasn’t happy with them but most are perfectly saleable as I first thought, in fact I have more good ones that I realised.

So I’m selling them off! I have 5 different girls, but 1 is on a choice of 2 types of ribbon. I’ve decided to flog them through Facebook since I’ve added a shop on therer rather than my usual method of blog sale. It also means that I have no fees to pay to Etsy/Folksy and so not only are they £6 each but it means I can throw in free postage too!

Please go here to look! Feel free to become a fan whilst you’re there 😉