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Back on my feet

I’m back- I’ve not managed to get back in my sewing room though. I think the smell of my hedgehog (or the air freshener I have because of him) is affecting my head which is still a bit delicate. He is going to live with Melissa as of tomorrow when she’s back off holiday so I will be giving him a little bath tonight. I tried to do some hand sewing for the next round of the UK Borders Agency yesterday but I got a stinker of a headache (maybe I should wear my glasses at home?) had a nap for a couple of hours and woke up feeling like I’d fallen out of a first floor (that’s 2nd floor to you US readers) window! My back and head and neck were so sore!

So I think I will be back properly sewing this weekend hopefully. I still want to finish my bag and of course there is always THAT curtain to sew. I also want to unpick the binding on the Giant George quilt and stitch it on by hand. I’m also working on starting up a Folksy shop selling dog collars and leads- you know, because I need another mini-business like a hole in the head. Of course this meant I had to draw something…

Mr B. Fletcher’s Dog Belt Emporium…. Fletcher’s collar was nicknamed the “belt of the ancestors” as it’s leather with running greyhounds on it, however I think that is no more as on reflection it was bought from a market stall at a game fair, not very heirloomy! B stands for Boo, in case you were wondering.

I’m doing clip collars and buckle ones with eyelets and I have 3 I can list so far. I’m waiting til I have a few of each style that I am totally confident in and then I shall be listing!


It’s been all about Sullivan the last 3 days. I picked him up on Sunday and he was fine at the breeders, but he obviously hated the car journey and rejected me entirely and was very upset with himself for the rest of the day.

Monday came around and he was a prickly ball for an hour and a half before he ate some mealworms  on my lap and fell asleep.

Today, he was a lot better, but did fall off my lap and I knocked over all the mealworms in my panic. He was totally fine but hasn’t allowed me to pick him up in the normal way yet.

Later in the evening I got him out again (he had snuggled up in a top of mine rather than his house- an excellent sign!) and we had some cuddles with minimal huffing and balling up. We’re really making progress!

And Fletcher? He’s in a mood about the whole thing so I’ve tried to sit with him a bit more today and fuss him. He is not allowed to see Sully because he’s got a history with hedgehogs, but he can hear me at the other side of the wall and though he can’t see what’s going on, he’s getting jealous and crying. A pig’s ear this evening seemed to fix all that!