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Spotlight on… Wild Life Prints

I really need these in my office! There’s so much lovely artwork out there I am a little spoilt for choice, but I have plenty of blank wall to fill!

Wild Life Prints on Etsy



It’s my photography HNC graduation ceremony today, so not much craftiness will be happening! I will show you some of the work for my final exhibition that was a big piece of the course instead. These pictures were taken with various models to advertise my jewellery (it’s still relevant!) and were then displayed with a showcase of my resin work too. These were shown at the LCB Depot in Leicester in June this year. I still like to do these shoots every so often, but no longer have a studio. If I win the lottery I will definitely be investing in a good kit 🙂

Katharine amy

janine lorna

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Pictures of Plush display

Lorrie of Illusio Creative (http://www.illusiocreative.co.uk) has kindly ventured into Plush Jewellery to take some pictures of my display in there, how kind! Here’s a couple that were sent over to me today, though I’m getting a disk too! How lucky am I? 😀

I noticed a few things aren’t on display including my ice jewellery, I’m hoping they sold rather than they’re waiting for something to sell in order to take it’s place!

The showcase will be inside Plush Jewellery, Cathedral Courtyard, Chichester until Friday 17th October if you want to pop down!


Here’s some pics of Lorrie’s work should you fancy a gander at her website: