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I’ve finally decided what I want to do!

This is quite an indulgent post, but I guess the practise of blogging at all is too, so hopefully you won’t get bored ūüėČ

Anyway, it dawned on me today what I need to do to love making stuff to sell again. As mentioned I am veering away from resin a bit, but this way I can still dabble a little.

I have a big list of what I want to do- I want to sew bags and quilts, make notebooks and cards, maybe make the odd wooden homeware trinket, piece of jewellery¬†and also the new range of cushions that are pretty much there I just can’t show you them yet for festive reasons. I promise I will show you these soon. I also want to learn to make underwear but that may not quite fit in. But it might. We’ll see.

I’m rambling. I think I CAN do all these things but keep a consistent brand AND still be PennyDog by the items following a similar style. I do a lot of doodles which I then trace and trace to make them simpler and more perfect each time,¬†and I think if my artwork was to be printed on fabric or transferred onto other surfaces I could still feel like I am playing and not concentrating too hard on one medium whilst still being recogniseable. My work is by no means perfect and I am not a trained artist (far from it, I ran screaming from GCSE Art at school), but I enjoy it, so it’s worth giving it a bash in the new year and seeing how it goes. Here’s a bit of a peek of base drawings that I am going to digitally enhance into finished pieces and then maybe I will have something proper to show you soon!