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I have a little stash of precuts that I’ve resisted cutting into recently, I have other projects to finish first as you all well know.

I even had a dream earlier in the week that I was at the Fat Quarterly Retreat and we were using precuts, but someone used my Birds and Berries layer cake thinking it was a provided one and I was upset! Sad but true. But it is pretty. Oops I opened it. I don’t think there’s a print I don’t love in the range…

And look at the little birdies!


Book Review: Pre-cut Combo Quilts by Debra Fehr Greenway

This review is brought to you by Angela who is kindly guest blogging today. Her blog Heart of Charnwood can be found HERE.

When the lovely Kerry wanted someone to do a book review of this book, I jumped at the chance. I love quilting books, and the chance to have a good snoop around a new one was just too good to resist. So, what can I tell you about this book?

Well, the basic premise of the book is quilts made using pre-cuts (surprise), i.e Jelly Rolls, Charm Squares, Layer Cakes etc, which on first glance looks like its been done before, but this book offers something (Ithink) is a little bit different. And thats because it offers the opportunity to use Fat Quarters instead, so if you don’t have the requisite pre-cuts there are alternative FQ cutting guides.

Now for me, that would be perfect, as I don’t buy many pre-cuts, and when I see fabric I love, I buy a few FQ’s from the range, and then sometimes don’t know exactly what to do with them.

Another good aspect of this book, is the final section, which covers the use of panels.

I have a couple of these too, which I thought would make fun, easy baby quilts, but I hadn’t been inspired to use them, until now.

I think my favourite quilt design in the book is Pre-Cuts Potpourri, with its varying sizes of squares, which i think would look great with a good mix of solids, some cute embroidered squares, and some pastel patterned fabrics.

Some of the actual fabrics aren’t exactly my style, I prefer a bigger mix of solid fabrics, but there are some really great designs and the book is very well written, which means it’s well worth a look.

Pre-cut Combo Quilts is available from RUCraft, currently at £12.74.