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I got a nice bundle of pressies yesterday which made up for me spending an entire week making chocolates (including 3 days booked of work at last minute). So whilst the carpet fitters were in putting down the new carpet you can see in these photos(!) I was crammed in the conservatory with the crying dog and all the furniture opening my packages and it was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Firstly I decided I was going to be naughty and open my secret santa gift from the Crafteroo forum. I organised the partners so I know who sent to me, which is slightly cheating! Anyway thanks SO MUCH Ali, I am thrilled with what I got!

A hedgehog pin cushion, a hedgehog make-up bag (how did you know mine was dilapidated?), some gorgeous print fabrics and a book!

For those that are wondering, “Why the hedgehogs?”, I am on the waiting list for a baby african pygmy hedgehog of my own in the new year 🙂

I also received three charms in the post which I will attach to a bracelet when they all come in. These are from an X Factor Sweepstake that we had over on the Craft Pimp forum. We were all allocated an act- some got another when theirs left as there were 10 of us in the swap and 12 acts- and I got Little Mix, who won! So I get a charm from each of the other participants- lucky me! 😀

From left to right… Jo, Vic, Fiona

I can’t wait to see what else come! My OH particularly likes the metalwork one by Jo, but my photo is a bit pants at showing them off. I’m very pleased with what I have so far!

I have a huge quilt to get done in time for Christmas, I hope to show you that soon!

Surprise surprise!

I’ve won TWO online competitions over the last 7 days!

Last Wednesday I received a lovely drawsting ringArose project bag (which I now use as a handbag for my masses of stuff- including some sewing!) that i had won in a Crafts Beautiful online giveaway. I’ve had a lot of nice comments about it already. It’s this “Bow Ties” bag (though the colours seem a bit brighter in the picture, mine is more of a paler blue), and it retails for £29.99…

My next win I was notified of this morning. Remember my post about the sew-alongs? Well a picture from each sew-along is selected from the Flickr pools each week (so four prizes each- 12 in total) and my picture from my first week on the “In a Pear Tree” project won! I also got the book I wanted out of the bundle too which was fantastic luck!

Here’s my picture….

And here’s my prize!

Exciting times!