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I’ve finally decided what I want to do!

This is quite an indulgent post, but I guess the practise of blogging at all is too, so hopefully you won’t get bored ūüėČ

Anyway, it dawned on me today what I need to do to love making stuff to sell again. As mentioned I am veering away from resin a bit, but this way I can still dabble a little.

I have a big list of what I want to do- I want to sew bags and quilts, make notebooks and cards, maybe make the odd wooden homeware trinket, piece of jewellery¬†and also the new range of cushions that are pretty much there I just can’t show you them yet for festive reasons. I promise I will show you these soon. I also want to learn to make underwear but that may not quite fit in. But it might. We’ll see.

I’m rambling. I think I CAN do all these things but keep a consistent brand AND still be PennyDog by the items following a similar style. I do a lot of doodles which I then trace and trace to make them simpler and more perfect each time,¬†and I think if my artwork was to be printed on fabric or transferred onto other surfaces I could still feel like I am playing and not concentrating too hard on one medium whilst still being recogniseable. My work is by no means perfect and I am not a trained artist (far from it, I ran screaming from GCSE Art at school), but I enjoy it, so it’s worth giving it a bash in the new year and seeing how it goes. Here’s a bit of a peek of base drawings that I am going to digitally enhance into finished pieces and then maybe I will have something proper to show you soon!

And the work continues…

It’s been a week since I showed you my order and how it was working, and now I have all the pieces cast, two thirds sanded (and all of them have had the really big bits Dremeled off) and in my packing box there are over 100 completed necklaces and half of the bracelet charms packaged up.¬† I have two days left but I think I can do it if I keep on, though I am running out of plasters after quite literally sanding the tops of my fingers off:

Don’t say I don’t suffer for my art ūüėČ

PennyDog’s Progress….

Well after the mayhem that was my last post my desk is a lot tidier and I seem to be getting somewhere. I should take a picture of my desk really to prove I’m not as dirty as I appeared to be- I’ve even changed the table lining as I got uncatalysed silicone all over the place.

Anyway this was the scene yesterday morning, still a long way to go (only 6 pairs done out of 36):

By lunch time I had to stop as we had guests! (15 pairs done out of 36):

And¬†by this morning I only had 6 more pairs to make out of 36, which I will finish later. I have run out of sunflower¬†and spotty buttons, so some of them are sanded waiting for their toppers to arrive through the post, but I’m¬†happier with the situation. Still some jewellery pieces to sand (including two bangles that keep messing up and I may need to recast one)¬†and a logo plaque to go, and I’m¬†aiming to post on Wednesday!¬†

I am admittedly still a little stressed as I don’t finish work until 5pm and I really want to get going on this!