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Oooh look, new fabric….

I am blogging a lot this week. I’m sorry for clogging up your blog readers 😉

Anyway I just wanted to show you some new samples that came from Spoonflower, which means I now have more fabrics up for sale in my Spoonflower shop– yey!

In real life I prefer the blue tinge background seagulls- it’s not as bright as it looked on my screen. The bluey one is also slightly smaller scale as default as I thought there may as well be another difference. I even don’t mind my windmill one so much now 😀

Still looking for people to join the UK borders quilting bee! Here’s the post all about that.

Also I’m at the quilting stage on my Festival of Quilts dog quilt. If you’re one of the people interested in my progress on that I have a Flickr set here that’s documenting it rather than possibly getting boring by posting about it here all the time. I will be adding at least one more quilting photo tonight.


UK Borders Agency Quilting Bee plus prize winners

And the winner of the scraps and bits and pieces is…


And the Twitter bonus prize winner is…


Well done, I’ll be in touch later 🙂


Right, onto new business! I’m starting my first quilting bee! I couldn’t find one with spaces and wanted to take part in another borders one but it was US only because of the postage, so I give you the UK Borders Agency Quilting Bee! We are currently looking for 6 5  4 2 1 more members!

A group of seven patchworkers will be adding borders to each others quilts over the course of a year. Want to join? Here’s the info you need, all you need to do is comment here (making sure there’s a way for me to contact you) or you can Flickrmail or e-mail me and I will e-mail you with a few questions based on your reliability. You will also need a Flickr account as this is crucial for communication (if you haven’t got one, they are free!) and then that’s pretty much it, you’re in!

Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ukbordersagencybee/


This is a UK only borders quilting bee, taking place over a year from July 2012 to 2013. There are only seven people in this bee to make it a little bit more time relaxed than other bees, so we should know each other really well by the end of the project.

This is not a secret swap and you are encouraged to see what your partner likes from their blogs and Flickrstream and also from their wish list on the discussion board. Each participant will make a centre block- anything you fancy- for their medallion quilt measuring 12.5″ (unfinished) and post it on to a specified bee member to add the first round. This will then be posted to another member to add the second round and so on.

Each round is allocated 2 months to complete and you will receive a quilt top posted on from another bee member. At the end of the sixth round, the last person working on your quilt top will post it back directly to you for you to quilt and finish yourself.

If you find you can’t take place in a round and need to drop out of the bee, you will get your medallion top back in its current state instead of the next round and your space on the bee will be taken by a reserve member (or by me if we’re almost at the end!), so it’s almost flake proof, as long as you keep your queen bee- that’s me BTW- informed of any possible delays or issues.

Everything will be run from the Flickr group, so your next address to post to, etc will be communicated through Flickr Mail and you are encouraged to come and chat on the boards often if you can, which will help fellow bee members make something you will love. Please post images regularly and check with your partner if they like the idea. Feel free to talk about a funny thing that happened that day or pretty much anything you like, it doesn’t need to be quilting related. It would be great if we all became friends by the end of it!

There is no size restriction to your borders so the quilts are likely to be different sizes but the aim is for a lap quilt size or a wall hanging. You can make your borders modern or traditional, pieced or appliqued, anything goes as long as you are working on something the recipient will like.

My requirement for my quilt is that each border must feature animals somewhere, whether pieced, appliqued or simply in the fabric, so you can specify what you like. There’s a thread on the group visible when you join where you can state all your likes and dislikes and anything your quilt just must have.

Any questions fire away and I’ll answer them 🙂 I’ll leave you with a couple of inspiring medallion quilts I just love (these are not my quilts, click the photos to link back to the original source)!

(it’s incidental that they both have the same starting block!)