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My beautiful Mouthy Stitches pouch!

Since Jen posted this on the Flickr group pool I had an inkling it was for me. There have been another couple of hedgehoggy themed pouches, but I just had a feeling! I also really really wanted it to be mine, and it is, hurrah!

It’s double sided so we have a hedgehog on one side…

And a fox on the other- and it’s got a lovely hedgehog lining and I got some AWESOME scraps. Sullivan- who knows a lot about pouches as he has four of his own that he sleeps in (without zips)- approves (of the hedgehog side anyway)! I think he might be slightly boss-eyed… or maybe that’s normal for the morning? He prompty fell asleep in his toilet after this photo so I think he’s possibly slightly special.

I love it, thanks so much Jen! 😀 I feel inspired to try a bit of paper piecing again (lord knows last time didn’t go that well)- and Jen has been kind enough to send me some good starting points via Flickr mail. How kind is she?!

Resin swap- sent and received!

I have received my swap parcel from Kara, and I know now that she has received mine, so I can now blog it!

Here’s what I sent:

A diamante skull brooch (because she loves rhinestones) and a Bracelet made with pieces from fashion magazines (because she loves fashion photos)…. I also sent a gold leaf ring which isn’t pictured here.

Now I should have photographed the packaging too, because my swap gift came in a cute little chinese takeaway style cardboard box! I received this cherub necklace, and my absolute favourite is this apple themed ring- it has a vintage style graphic inside and is beautifully shaped. I even got a little tip on the best sandpaper to use for enlarging the inside a little- thanks Kara!

It has got me thinking though, this ring seems a lot less fragile and a lot nicer finished (and less residual smell!) than a lot of my rings turn out, and as a big advocate of polyester resin, I’m starting to think I should convert to epoxy. Yes it’s a bit more expensive, but if I’m happier with the results I could probably sell my work for a pound or two more to cover the difference. I know that one of my grievances about the bendiness of epoxy can sometimes be a useful property too, though I believe it’s probably operator error as to why that seems to happen to me! I will be stocking a special epoxy resin myself later in the year, so maybe then is the time to convert.

Love it- thanks Kara!