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Sneaky Secret Jewellery Sale

Just for you dear reader! I have lots of my resin jewellery just sat in a drawer so I thought I would root out some handmade bargains for you- just e-mail me if you fancy any of this little lot: kerry_l_wilkinson(At) hotmail.com

Prices include UK postage and all items are boxed and on chains where applicable.

Textured yellow and silver bangle – medium/large – £8

Little Crucifix Pendant – £5

Blue embedded fabric pendant on ribbon – £6

Jumbo purple rose ring (adjustable) – £4

French Kids vintage graphic pendant – £6

New York graphic pendant – £7

Large red heart brooch -£4

Coffee Drops Cufflinks – £7

Ladybird ring (approx size L) – £4

Scrabble tile pendants – £3.50 each


Thanks for looking!


Mega destash going on!

Shameless plug but I’m selling off a lot of stuff, as I’m moving into my new craft room!  You will find my list over on this thread on Crafteroo if you wouldn’t mind taking a look? I’m updating before 11am each day so please keep checking back regularly, and all prices include UK postage! Everything must go! Here are some of the current highlights…

Marilyn stamp – £2.50

Sparkly black 30mm-ish buttons – £2.50

Faux jelly teddy mould for resin or clay – £4

To give you a heads up there will be lots of resin moulds added this week, maybe even tomorrow if I get the room a bit closer to being organised!

New stuff!

Yes, really!

I’ve started sorting out the PennyDog site and I’m making good progress, I found a load of stuff this morning that I’d made ages ago but hadn’t put online, so rather than it gathering dust I thought I’d upload a few bits and get them online gradually. I will also be updating the supplies soon to sell my ribbon, buttons, etc that are currently only in my Folksy shop.

Things are now in categories of “made to order”, “one-off” and everyone’s favourite- I have a sale section! There are quite a few discounts on there so please have a look, including this necklace you may remember me working on last week…

It’s in the sale because there was a tear in the top coat of resin and when I refilled it it isn’t totally even (you might be able to see this in the picture where the jump ring is). It still looks pretty though. Normally I’d list it at £15 but because of this I’ve put it at £10 🙂

More will continue to be added until I run out and the next step is to start listing one-off handbags and bound books – though I need to make some first!


Gedeo Resins Test

Back in June/July I freelanced for Gedeo UK as a tester of their new glazing and coloured resin products which was quite exciting as they wanted to know MY opinion so to better understand the market, how to promote it and even if they should drop the product completely! Talk about power! Anyway the products are now out there on the market so I thought it was about time I put my findings on the internet for those resin crafters out there that are thinking of trying it but aren’t sure how it compares to their favourite brand and there’s even a little tutorial on the last page. So here you go!

I still have a little bit of each colour yet, I really must use them before they crust over 🙂

What’s on my resin desk…

I’m starting to get tempted into resin again. It’s been a long time coming but I had a repeat order for some gummy bear stuff from Ji Ji Kiki and a new stockist called Life’s Big Canvas so it was the push I needed.

So here’s what I have going on at the minute…

Big pile of bears airing!

I have new fabric pendants on the way (they have white backs so you ca’t see them) and, oops, that’s right, I’ve not done anything with those cups and teapots yet :S

And since I wanted to play and not just work I’m playing with a bit of Plique-a-jour. Hopefully it will be successful because I keep failing at it! I’m half expecting to go back to it in the morning and the little pockets of colour will have bled all over…

More moulds, resin and stuff back in stock

In case anyone who reads this has been waiting the two months it has been since I had resin in, I now have it back in stock (albeit without measuring cups, need to track some of those down from somewhere) and some colourings and new moulds as well. My supplier is selling the business though, so I’m not sure if I will be able to continue selling these or not so grab what you want while you can. With any luck I will be able to continue buying but through the new purchaser, depending on what the terms would be like. I am worried that my prices will go up and a hefty minimum order be implemented, which will mean I will have to pay more customs charges, so I’m really not sure what will happen.

WIP City

I have all sorts of WIPs on the go at the minute but it’s great because I’m enjoying it! I have a couple of resin things, some polymer clay work for the first time in almost 10 years (above), I have a dress I’m adding a panel to, another dress I’m supposed to have started by now sewing from scratch and of course the patchwork quilt.

I don’t want to bore you with another photo of a block every day for the next week, so I’ve decided to update my progress over on Crafteroo, so if you want to keep an eye on the quilt as it grows (quickly!) then please check in HERE 🙂

Here’s day 3 – Rocky Road – anyway. Day 4 is nearly finished but I will be putting on Crafteroo (and Flickr) only.

I’m also writing an article for Speciality Food and I’m just over 700 words in, so just over halfway to 1200 words. The aim is to finish it complete with quotes from other companies and images by Monday. Here’s a pic of me styling some chocs for that taken yesterday- I think I probably should have washed my hair first, but hey ho…

A re-encounter with resin

I’ve not felt particularly like playing with resin recently as you will have noticed. My time has been consumed with artworking the Crafteroo digital magazine, chocolate making, baking, crochet, papercraft, quilting and patchwork (let alone computer games) so there’s not really been time and it’s been nice to take a step back for a while.

I have casted these white tea and coffee motifs though and now I’m a bit stumped. I don’t really know what to do with them. I’d imagined making a series of pendants but I don’t know if that’s too boring, and also I think I need to add some colour or something to these because they’re a little bit plain in just white.

Some ideas I have had: putting in chatons in key areas (maybe eyes if it doesn’t look too scary), painting on small amounts of black paint to fill the eyes and mouths and possibly the outlines and totally starting again but with different colours or with patterned paper backgrounds.

Anyone got any creative ideas because my mojo hasn’t quite recovered enough for this yet?!

A little test

I’ve been testing a couple of new resins which will be available to the UK craft market soon but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to talk about it yet or not. Anyway I made this simple necklace with the crazy shapes mould on my website and I actually quite like it 🙂 These resins have inspired me to try dipping flowers and also I’m working on a new idea which will focus more on texture and shape than I have done previously. Hopefully I will have something to show you soon as I get motivated and my workload reduces.

I’ve ordered a couple of new papercrafty bits to add to my Folksy supplies shop too so hopefully that will get some attention soon and I will have a sort out over there as I have a few new buttons and things that I’ve not put on yet.

Clear moulds

I got this brilliant but very expensive clear silicone and decided to make a ring mould- it’s great because now I will be able to see exctly where things are as they are casted, so no uneven parts ever again! It’s very bubbly though because of the thickness, but I don’t have a vacuum machine to suck them all out. I might start selling these but they’d have to be around £8 each to be viable- do you think it’s worth it?