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Husky Mushing

I just realised I promised you a post about when we went dog sledding last Wednesday and I hadn’t yet delivered!

We had about an hour and a half of riding between the two of us, which was 3 goes each… here are the six dogs:

From front to back… Nanook (not pictured- she’s a white one), Koda, Minx (my favourite), Willow, McKinley and Dashka.

Ready to go…

My first go- two dogs, with Dashka and McKinley just going in a straight line… (rubbish photo, but it was late afternoon in January!)

Koda decided she wanted to go search the ditch on my second ride (where I learned you shout WHORE to go left- yes seriously- and GEE to go right) and had a fight with alpha female Dashka as a result. We tried again but they tried to pull me into said ditch which resulted in a girly scream, but that made them stop very quickly!  So I had to go back and start again, this time with Minx, Dashka and McKinley…

Here’s OH with his three dogs on his perfect second run- you can actually see Nanook in this picture, she was a hard worker (and just a puppy too)!

There doesn’t seem to be a picture with me and the final team (Nook, Willow and McKinley), but I beat OH’s time because he ended up with Koda and she acted up again wanting to cut corners and getting taffled up with the other dogs leads.

We then stayed overnight in a teepee. I say stayed overnight as there wasn’t any sleeping really- there were gale force winds and trees blowing over, etc. The poles moved in 2 inches all the way round which meant the canvas at the top was touching the chimney which is a slight fire risk. As far as I’m aware they had to rebuild it after we left. The toilet tent blew away and the door kept gusting open all night. Needless to say I had a good nap when I got home!

This was me, in a balaclava in the morning after the fiasco of the night before…