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Buy my fabrics! (please)

Just FYI, I am starting to sell some of my designs over on Spoonflower. I was going to keep them to myself but I felt I could use a little bit of commission money, so it may take a while but I plan to grow my selection. There are more in the pipeline I just need to get them printed for myself before I can OK them for you guys, so please bookmark my page and come back often…. Oh and suggestions for designs are always welcome if you’re looking for something specific!

LINK: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/pennydog


Also just putting this out there if you would care to have a look through the entries and vote for your favourite. You don’t have to vote for me- but obviously if you do I’ll be chuffed 😀 Voting ends in about a week’s time.

Lastly, on the topic of Crafteroo, get in touch if you want a free quarter page advert in the next issue of the magazine, out quarterly and the next issue is due 1st July. The only catch is for the 3 months we will promote your blog/website/shop/whatever, we would like you to put a button to our site on your blog or website. I’m in the process of making the button now and there’s not an awful long time to go- just a month! We have 23 gaps to fill so don’t be shy 🙂

Sneaky Secret Jewellery Sale

Just for you dear reader! I have lots of my resin jewellery just sat in a drawer so I thought I would root out some handmade bargains for you- just e-mail me if you fancy any of this little lot: kerry_l_wilkinson(At) hotmail.com

Prices include UK postage and all items are boxed and on chains where applicable.

Textured yellow and silver bangle – medium/large – £8

Little Crucifix Pendant – £5

Blue embedded fabric pendant on ribbon – £6

Jumbo purple rose ring (adjustable) – £4

French Kids vintage graphic pendant – £6

New York graphic pendant – £7

Large red heart brooch -£4

Coffee Drops Cufflinks – £7

Ladybird ring (approx size L) – £4

Scrabble tile pendants – £3.50 each


Thanks for looking!

Cheep Cheap!

I got my returned items and have started polishing them up., Some have gone in the bin as I wasn’t happy with them but most are perfectly saleable as I first thought, in fact I have more good ones that I realised.

So I’m selling them off! I have 5 different girls, but 1 is on a choice of 2 types of ribbon. I’ve decided to flog them through Facebook since I’ve added a shop on therer rather than my usual method of blog sale. It also means that I have no fees to pay to Etsy/Folksy and so not only are they £6 each but it means I can throw in free postage too!

Please go here to look! Feel free to become a fan whilst you’re there 😉

PennyDog’s bonkers clearout bonanza!

Did that grab your attention? 😉

I’ve just got back from a stockist who has changed my stock over and no longer want my image pendant range, in favour of fabric pendants. I didn’t realise quite how much stuff they had though! So this weekend I am offering you, dear reader, up to 50% off! These items sell for £14-15, but any of these can be yours for just £7.50 plus £1.50 postage! (£2 if outside of the UK)

Give me a shout here or by e-mail (kerry_l_wilkinson(at!)hotmail.com) and I will allocate these to you and invoice them out…


So here we go!

American Goldfinch- 1 in stock

_DSF8251Cafe Du Bresil- 1 in stock


Finch Bird- 2 in stock

_DSF8254Hawaii Aloha!- 2 in stock

_DSF8255Kingbird- 1 in stock

_DSF8257Miami Beach, Florida- 3 in stock

_DSF8259New York- 1 in stock

Badger- 2 in stock

Popping candy (image varies slightly)- 3 in stock

_DSF8260Miscela Leone- 3 in stock

_DSF8262Braniff Airways- 1 in stock

_DSF8263Trans Australian Railway- 1 in stock

_DSF8264Bird and nest- 2 in stock

_DSF8266Lace pendants- please choose from a, b or c B AND C SOLD OUT!


My first (proper) order :)

Yesterday I got my first buyer for my resin jewellery on Etsy. She chose the Hawaii necklace as a birthday present for her sister and I’ve attached an extra little pineapple charm to it for her. That’s the first £1 to The Retired Greyhound Trust too! Will have to make some more for the fashion show fair in Atherstone on 10th August. I will also be at We Make Oxford (just got in before the jewellery cut off) in November! I’m really quite excited :o)