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Craft Pimp

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet recently, this week in particular is a strain, but after the fair this weekend, I will have a few days to sew and get Christmas stuff sorted before the mad Christmas chocolates post rush begins, then I am looking forward to lots of me time from my birthday onwards until the New Year which will be heaven! I’m allegedly going dog sledding in early January, so that should be an interesting story to tell.

Anyway, I’ve recently joined the Craft Pimp team on Etsy with trufflepiglet (and if all goes well with rebuilding PennyDog in my relaxing break I may be able to do the same with that shop)- it is for members of the Craft Pimp forum who have well stocked shops and are serious about selling on there, and increasing their presence. here’s a few examples of the team’s work currently available for sale! Because it makes a change not to just talk about me for once and of course Christmas is coming (hint, hint!)…

Betelgeuse Art Glass Picture by Kiln Fired Art

Bring Me Sunshine Bouquet by I Heart Buttons

Blue Topaz Pendant by Anna McDade

She's A Rainbow Glass Bead Set by Kitzbitz Art Beads

 For more, just search “cpteam” on Etsy.


Plush Jewellery showcase starts tomorrow!

I’m really excited. My two week “New Designer” slot at Plush Jewellery in Cathedral Courtyard, Chichester, starts tomorrow! I’m quite nervous about my choice of items that I sent, but I’m hoping it will bring in some new customers in time for Christmas. I only get one slot though, so this is my only chance at this venue (unless it’s so successful they decide to make me permanent of course!). Scary, but exciting too. Unfortunately I live too far away to visit myself, so if you do go, please leave me a comment to reassure me 😀

If you want to apply for a New Designer showcase at Plush, check out this link for more details: http://www.plushjewellery.co.uk/newdesigners/

Work in progress…

Today I thought I’d share some work in progress with you straight out of the moulds, that I’m preparing for the showcase at Plush Jewellery in Chichester from the 4th to 17th October. They just need sanding, drilling, varnishing and finishing…

From L-R: Gold leaf ring, Sprinkle earring hoops, lime ring, faux red coral earring hoops, sprinkle bangle

And a couple of close ups:


And some other pieces I am working on…

From L-R: Recycled paper stripy bangle, blue bird graphical pendant, recycled music pendant, recycled wool pendant, gold leaf heart pendant.

And some more close-ups!


I’ll put them up on Flickr when they’re finished!