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Some new drawings

I haven’t announced the winner of the book giveaway yet have I? Sorry I always do this, so without further ado…

The winner is comment #4 which was left by the lovely Snoodles! I will be dropping you an email shortly for your address (if you don’t beat me to it)!

I’ve not worked on an actual repeating pattern yet for these designs but I thought I’d prove I have got some more sketches done…

And I reckon once I’ve tidied up this quick sketch I could make a lovely repeat!


I can’t concentrate…

I’m supposed to be working but all these ideas for improving my chocolates presentation and entering the chocolate box competition at the Squires Kitchen Exhibition are occupying me. Where I have previously used pre-made decoarations such as sugar diamonds and sprinkles, these are not allowed to be used and so I’m looking at what I can do instead, including making my own transfer sheets. Anyone know a cheap supplier of cocoa butter?!

P.S. I promise to blog some resin tomorrow. Honest.

Spring 2011 ranges!

From the success of my sweetie range, I’m pleased to show you the collections I am currently working on, the plan is to launch towards the end of October so I can showcase them at the fair at the Ricoh Arena and also just in time for Christmas pressies, though these will technically be my Spring 11 designs.

Polo Mint Jewellery

Jammie Dodger Jewellery