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Make 50: Week 32

I finished my soap dish, and with SoapyChica’s soap contribution (www.soapychica.co.uk) made a gift box 🙂


SoapyChica review, Part 3 of 3

Yesterday, I tried the honey bar. I don’t want to leave this series of reviews on a downer, as Soapy’s work is fabulous and I’ve absolutely loved the other two soaps, but this had a more floral fragrance, which some people would love, but I am a fruity, spicy scent kinda girl! 🙂 Anyway I can’t complain as it was free! Despite this, it seemed to lather much quickly that the two others, and was really creamy and felt lovely on the skin. I’ve virtually just woken up this morning and came to sit to write this before I forgot, but my skin is still really soft after using it! The colour is a pale beigey-almond colour, which fits in nicely with the other soaps available. Each one has an understated, natural colour, that easily fits in with it’s surroundings, whatever the colour of your bathroom. No brash, in-your-face artificial colourings here!

To summarise, I think everyone should try these soaps! There are bars that look like chocolate, and intricately detailed patterns on more traditional soap fragrances. So lots more for me to try yet!


SoapyChica review, 2 of 3

My bathroom smells lovely now I have another soap open and by the bath! Yesterday I tried the Creamy Fruit Smoothie bar I got as a freebie. The bar seemed to lather easier than the truffles, probably due to it being a more conventional shape. This doesn’t affect the look of the bar though, as it still has a pretty pattern on the top!

I found that the scent was fresh, but smelled a bit like a cheesecake or a milkshake, where the fruit scent isn’t so obvious as to what exactly it is, but it is most definitely fruity.  I used almost half of the bar in one bath, though I do have my water quite hot, and I did drop it quite a bit! Not too shabby for a free soap!

SoapyChica’s shop can be found at http://soapychica.etsy.com

SoapyChica review, part 1 of 3

My soaps from http://soapychica.etsy.com came through yesterday and I was so excited I decided to indulge in a bath this evening to try them out. They came in a vibrant fabric gift bag that I will definitely be recycling, and I even got 2 substantial bars as freebies! So tonight I will review the Madagascan Vanilla truffle soaps, followed by the honey and the tropical fruit bars when I next decide to pamper myself!

I was expecting them to be white, like the vanilla truffles you can buy from Thorntons, but they are more of a chocolately colour, with yummy cocoa powder sprinkled on the top.  These wold make lovely gift soaps, or great for travelling, as I found one soap was enough for two normal baths, or one long indulgent bath! I got 12 in the bag, so they should last a long time, great value for money.

The fragrance was delicate, yet mouthwatering, so not too overpowering. After a couple of seconds they worked their way into a creamy lather.  The scent really complemented my apple shampoo too.  Afterwards, the smell stayed on my skin, something that doesn’t seem to happen with a lot of bar soaps, which kept me smelling fresh!

I really hope that she can make liquid soaps or even shower gel at some point, as I tend to shower a lot more than bathe and would love to use this lovely scent every day, rather than just as a treat!