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I’ve had some more sale or return items come back today so I thougtht I’d give you first dibs at discounted prices! E-mail kerry (at) penny-dog.co.uk if you want anything you see here and I will send you a Paypal invoice. Postage is £1.50 in addition to your order within the UK and £2.20 overseas. Offer on until Sunday 24th January.

1) Vintage blue fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7
2) Liberty fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7

3) Vintage yellow fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7 each
4) Brown chintz vintage fabric dome pendant (RRP £15): £7
5) Watch part pendant – comes with chain (RRP £9): £4

6) Lady Washington’s buttons pendant – comes with chain (RRP £9): £4
7) Lace pendant – comes with chain (RRP £9): SOLD!

8) Text pendant (RRP £9): £4
9) Deutsche Reich stamp pendant (RRP £9): £4
10) 3 Cent US stamp pendant (RRP £9): £4
11) Black backed lace dome pendant (RRP £15): £7 A NOW SOLD, B STILL AVAILABLE

12) Lace cuff (RRP £18): £9
13) Lace bangle (medium/large- RRP £18): £9


12 days of Christmas: 5th December


12 days of Christmas: 4th December

Let me know which you’d like in a note with payment or I will send at random!


12 Days of Christmas: 2nd December


PennyDog’s bonkers clearout bonanza!

Did that grab your attention? 😉

I’ve just got back from a stockist who has changed my stock over and no longer want my image pendant range, in favour of fabric pendants. I didn’t realise quite how much stuff they had though! So this weekend I am offering you, dear reader, up to 50% off! These items sell for £14-15, but any of these can be yours for just £7.50 plus £1.50 postage! (£2 if outside of the UK)

Give me a shout here or by e-mail (kerry_l_wilkinson(at!)hotmail.com) and I will allocate these to you and invoice them out…


So here we go!

American Goldfinch- 1 in stock

_DSF8251Cafe Du Bresil- 1 in stock


Finch Bird- 2 in stock

_DSF8254Hawaii Aloha!- 2 in stock

_DSF8255Kingbird- 1 in stock

_DSF8257Miami Beach, Florida- 3 in stock

_DSF8259New York- 1 in stock

Badger- 2 in stock

Popping candy (image varies slightly)- 3 in stock

_DSF8260Miscela Leone- 3 in stock

_DSF8262Braniff Airways- 1 in stock

_DSF8263Trans Australian Railway- 1 in stock

_DSF8264Bird and nest- 2 in stock

_DSF8266Lace pendants- please choose from a, b or c B AND C SOLD OUT!