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Gedeo Resins Test

Back in June/July I freelanced for Gedeo UK as a tester of their new glazing and coloured resin products which was quite exciting as they wanted to know MY opinion so to better understand the market, how to promote it and even if they should drop the product completely! Talk about power! Anyway the products are now out there on the market so I thought it was about time I put my findings on the internet for those resin crafters out there that are thinking of trying it but aren’t sure how it compares to their favourite brand and there’s even a little tutorial on the last page. So here you go!

I still have a little bit of each colour yet, I really must use them before they crust over 🙂

OMG I am a pushy parent.

I took Fletcher to a dog show today and together we entered Most Handsome Dog and Dog Judge Would Most Like To Take Home categories. I couldn’t enter Best Specimen of breed because he’s got a spot of alopecia and a tear drop tattoo on his face which as far as I’m aware people in prison have those done one for each person they’ve murdered. And I forgot to enter Best Rescue Dog. Booo. Oh and I have a rather sore one-arm tan weirdly- don’t know how I just got sun on one arm as I was out all day.

Anyway the judge didn’t even look at him despite everyone in the crowd cooing over him. I was quite disgruntled he didn’t even get 4th place, and I vowed to go to every Dog Show I could to get some rosettes to put on the wall above his bed. Then it hit me, I’m going to be one of those pushy parents who expects top grades from their kids whilst riding a unicycle, singing show tunes and playing Grade 6 Clarinet at the age of five! I didn’t realise I had such a desire to win, but seriously, who could resist my Fletchiboo? 😛

Next Sunday I’ve found another local dog show (ha!) and he and Penny have entered the online one for our local Greyhound Rescue kennels here, we’ll show ’em!


In resin news I tested under the 100w bulb and it took 2 hours to set and not be tacky, however it was still extremely bendy due to the warmth so even thugh this is a fast time, it will need popping in a cool place for a good while longer- not one hour setting I’m afraid!

Further resin tests

I tested the quick set resin last night under a 25w energy saving bulb. By their very nature they don’t emit as much heat as standard bulbs, but it got up to temperature. I had to raise it up at one point too, but I found that it could be demoulded after 2 1/2 hours- not the 1 hour I was looking for. Also by this point it was still very flexible and not ready to be sanded. I’m taking it to the other extreme and trying it with a standard old 100w bulb (now banned from sale) that I have lying around to see if this makes an improvement, and then I will explore standard commerically available bulbs.
Oh and I made this last night too from those pieces I didn’t know what to do with last week!

New acrylic and resin range

I am currently working on a new range involving cutting shapes from acrylic and embedding metal leaf and dyes into the middle of the piece with resin as a plique-a-jour effect. Here’s the first prototype for a peace dove. I need to work on the join, but it’s pretty good.

Acrylic was cut out with a saw, using a sketch stuck on firmly with magic tape as a guide. Edges were filed and holes were drilled…

Join filled with epoxy resin, then heart shape filled with polyester resin and silver leaf mix…

Attached to necklace. I also added a coat of acrylic spray to seal the resin…