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The Great British Craft Tour interview

After a few technical issues, my interview is up and running here:


The Great British Craft Tour: Tomorrow

My interview for www.thegreatbritishcrafttour.co.uk is tomorrow! I’m going to sneak out of work for a few minutes to talk to Tjobbe and Rosie in their camper van. I’m showing a couple of ice pieces, embedded gems, a citrus piece and a bangle, very exciting! There’s still time to sign up if you are quick, click the link above for more details.

It might even make it onto Central News tomorrow- even more exciting!


The Great British Craft Tour

So, I’ve just applied for the Great British Craft Tour to have two strangers squeeze into my tiny crafting room with me to document crafters around the country! Sounds like fun! I’m quite pleased though, as I was approached by one of the two organisers via my website- they found me rather than I found them! Anyway, for all other crafters, you probably want to know what this is, here’s the official line from the website which is at http://www.thegreatbritishcrafttour.co.uk/ if you’re interested in signing up!


The Great British Craft Tour

July 11th 2008, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Craftsman Web design, a UK based Web site design company, has today announced that they are embarking on a tour with a difference – a tour of England, Scotland and Wales’s crafters, artists and makers.

The tour will see Roseanna Wyatt and Tjobbe Andrews, co-owners of Craftsman Web design, set off from their home in Northamptonshire heading through England, Scotland and Wales, whilst stopping along the way at as many craft shops, craft fairs and galleries as they can.

“The aim is to stop off at crafters and makers along the way and take photos of the work we see, and put it onto the travel diary on our Web site and blog as we go along,” said Roseanna.

The tour – aptly named “Great British Craft Tour” is intended to give free publicity to crafters, makers and artists that the pair visits along the way. Nothing like it has been done before, and if it succeeds could see Rosie and Tjobbe embarking on a similar tour on an annual basis.

“We want to visit as many crafters as we can during the tour, we don’t really have a timescale but think it could take anywhere up to a month! We asked around and have got the use of a classic VW Camper Van for the duration, we have our laptop and our plastic cutlery and are ready to go!” said Roseanna.

“We are securing a lot of publicity for this, not only will crafters know about it but the people who attend craft fairs will hear about the tour via their local newspapers, radio stations and other Web sites and media outlets” Tjobbe adds.

All that awaits now is a definite route to take. Tjobbe Andrews says they are open to suggestions, “We will gladly drop by where we are invited by crafters, if someone wants to show us their work then we will certainly consider stopping off, we will come round, take some pictures, have a chat about their work and add it to our Web site.”

The tour promises to be an eye opener for Rosie and Tjobbe and with the coverage they expect to get, the crafters featured on the site can expect some good publicity too.

Craftsman Web design can be contacted via their Web site: http://www.thegreatbritishcrafttour.co.uk and their tour is due to start in late summer 2008. If you would like them to stop by and feature your work, simply go to their Web site and click the links to the tour.