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What happened with the Sukerukun?

Silly me forgot to post about my first venture with the Sukerukun, sorry to those who were waiting! This is my first attempt at a flower ring:

I found the clay to be ridiculously soft, which made it quite difficult to work with, but I wouldn’t have described it as sticky. After 24 hours it was still quite white (it is white when you first work with it), but after a couple of days, including a stint in the airing cupboard, and a blast of car lacquer later, it comes out clearer, but translucent at best I would say. The thicker the less transparent. Still very flexible though! Weird stuff, haven’t quite decided on an official use for it yet!



Look what I bought! Can’t wait for it to come from Japan. It claims to be an almost transparent resin clay called Sukerukun, whether it will be more like Fimo I won’t know until I’ve had a play, but I’ll let you know how I get on!