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SoapyChica review, part 1 of 3

My soaps from http://soapychica.etsy.com came through yesterday and I was so excited I decided to indulge in a bath this evening to try them out. They came in a vibrant fabric gift bag that I will definitely be recycling, and I even got 2 substantial bars as freebies! So tonight I will review the Madagascan Vanilla truffle soaps, followed by the honey and the tropical fruit bars when I next decide to pamper myself!

I was expecting them to be white, like the vanilla truffles you can buy from Thorntons, but they are more of a chocolately colour, with yummy cocoa powder sprinkled on the top.  These wold make lovely gift soaps, or great for travelling, as I found one soap was enough for two normal baths, or one long indulgent bath! I got 12 in the bag, so they should last a long time, great value for money.

The fragrance was delicate, yet mouthwatering, so not too overpowering. After a couple of seconds they worked their way into a creamy lather.  The scent really complemented my apple shampoo too.  Afterwards, the smell stayed on my skin, something that doesn’t seem to happen with a lot of bar soaps, which kept me smelling fresh!

I really hope that she can make liquid soaps or even shower gel at some point, as I tend to shower a lot more than bathe and would love to use this lovely scent every day, rather than just as a treat!