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Back on my feet

I’m back- I’ve not managed to get back in my sewing room though. I think the smell of my hedgehog (or the air freshener I have because of him) is affecting my head which is still a bit delicate. He is going to live with Melissa as of tomorrow when she’s back off holiday so I will be giving him a little bath tonight. I tried to do some hand sewing for the next round of the UK Borders Agency yesterday but I got a stinker of a headache (maybe I should wear my glasses at home?) had a nap for a couple of hours and woke up feeling like I’d fallen out of a first floor (that’s 2nd floor to you US readers) window! My back and head and neck were so sore!

So I think I will be back properly sewing this weekend hopefully. I still want to finish my bag and of course there is always THAT curtain to sew. I also want to unpick the binding on the Giant George quilt and stitch it on by hand. I’m also working on starting up a Folksy shop selling dog collars and leads- you know, because I need another mini-business like a hole in the head. Of course this meant I had to draw something…

Mr B. Fletcher’s Dog Belt Emporium…. Fletcher’s collar was nicknamed the “belt of the ancestors” as it’s leather with running greyhounds on it, however I think that is no more as on reflection it was bought from a market stall at a game fair, not very heirloomy! B stands for Boo, in case you were wondering.

I’m doing clip collars and buckle ones with eyelets and I have 3 I can list so far. I’m waiting til I have a few of each style that I am totally confident in and then I shall be listing!


WIP City

I have all sorts of WIPs on the go at the minute but it’s great because I’m enjoying it! I have a couple of resin things, some polymer clay work for the first time in almost 10 years (above), I have a dress I’m adding a panel to, another dress I’m supposed to have started by now sewing from scratch and of course the patchwork quilt.

I don’t want to bore you with another photo of a block every day for the next week, so I’ve decided to update my progress over on Crafteroo, so if you want to keep an eye on the quilt as it grows (quickly!) then please check in HERE 🙂

Here’s day 3 – Rocky Road – anyway. Day 4 is nearly finished but I will be putting on Crafteroo (and Flickr) only.

I’m also writing an article for Speciality Food and I’m just over 700 words in, so just over halfway to 1200 words. The aim is to finish it complete with quotes from other companies and images by Monday. Here’s a pic of me styling some chocs for that taken yesterday- I think I probably should have washed my hair first, but hey ho…

Where are you?

I’ve not blogged here in over a month- but I’m not gone. My break from resin is doing me well, and whilst I am still having to make some stuff I’m doing quite well with the chocolates.

Things you should know:
– My chocolate blog is over at www.trufflepiglet.com/blog
– My laptop screen is smashed and my h key is equally as knackered, meaning I have to go to the computer shop and spend money soon.
– We’ve had a small family crisis that seems to be mending itself but I am still pretty tired and irritable.
– I have done a ridiculous amount of gardening and have lots of vegetable seedings sprouting up- happy!

Blog and run…

Another uber-quick post, just to let you know that the white bezels are now in stock. These are now not just poly-cemeted togehter, but are extra reinforced around the edges, eliminating any leak problems you may have previously experienced! Don’t forget the bezel competition if you fancy having a go with any of the range!

Also I now have one trial run of pigment to see how it goes and if you guys want more colours!

Stuff I’m working on

I made these medals this week. After asking for feedback on Crafteroo I’ve decided they are a bit too big, so will be looking at smaller “medal” and thinner ribbon combinations because I think the proportion is just right. Also looking at a better way of attaching the ribbon, and after suggestions I think kilt pins are the way to go! I have a couple more designs up my sleeve too.

I also made this belt with a swirly resin buckle. I’ve decided to stitch the next one differently (I’ve ordered some plain fabrics) and also I invested in some denim strength needles for my sewing machine as things got a little hardgoing at times! I’ll be making buckles to sell alongside the buttons in my shop.

Also I blogged previously about the colour core bracelets. Whilst I have been busy with orders (an amazing thing considering it is January) I have managed to finish one of them which is now for sale!

Custom orders have been really popular and today I finished this bangle for textile designer Aisling Law using pieces of her canvas inside. I think it came out really nicely!

And here’s a peek at other stuff in the works, I have a couple of wholesale orders and a few fairs coming up so it’s a case of catching up with the inventory too, and I also want to use my new power tools to make rings out of pool balls and also get a set of boot bracelets completed and up for sale soon so I’d better take some deep breaths and break out the sandpaper!