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A hedgehog and a little giveaway

Because I said there’d be hedgehog pictures…

Right then so you want to know about the giveaway? Well I bought a bedding set from the antiques shop last weekend because even though the fabric was pale brown, I’m a sucker for that big bloom 70s style of pattern. I know there will be someone else like me who likes that too so I’m quite willing to share my purchase. When I unpacked it for washing, I found there was one big flat sheet plus two pillowcases. I’m pretty sure they’re 100% cotton, so ideal for patchwork or purse lining, something like that maybe. I might make a summer dress!

So, who wants to win the two pillowcases? They’re pretty large- I’d say in total you could get well over half a yard of material out of these! One person will win both, just leave a comment here to win. Open internationally. Closing time for entries is 11.59pm (GMT) on Tuesday 3rd (I’d say midnight but I didn’t know if that would confuse which day I meant) and I’ll draw the winner on the Wednesday.

Now I’m off to make handbags as my supplies came! More on that tomorrow…


London, baby!

I’m back from a very quick visit to London and OHMYGOD I discovered an awesome fabric shop and I could have bought out the entire shop if I had remembered by new PIN number, alas I had to limit myself to the £30 I had in my purse.

So the shop is called “The Shop” rather imaginatively, but it is on Cheshire Street off Brick Lane (E1). Its walkable from Liverpool Street station and Spitalfields, or you can get an overground to Shoreditch High Street. There are lots of little vintage shops (and pop up shops!) in the area too which was nice.

So here’s what I bought:

Velvet, wool and a piece of taffeta…

Some pretty cottons from the 50s…

Two CUTE teatowels.

I also got these two piece of fabric from All The Fun of the Fair which is on the top floor of Kingly Court on Carnaby Street. I got a sneaky little discount because I have supplied product to them before…. I’m just waiting for it to come back!

love love love!

Vintage finds

We went to a couple of antiques shops on the weekend and got some nice new pictures for our living room, amongst other things…

1901-02 Autumn/Winter coat collection for gents and youths… annoying sticker in top corner that needs sugar soaping off. I negotiated a price of £25 (from £34).

Lord Meredith’s sporting balloon at Quorn (near me!) £9, plus a gravure image of a hound, £3.

Birdy plates to hang in the kitchen- £1 each!

This glass cabinet was only £28!

I got another 3 pieces of Hornsea Heirloom for my collection of 70s Hornsea Pottery for £8- a milk jug, a sugar bowl and an oil/vinegar pot, though I already have the set of two with original stoppers. The other ranges I collect are Bronte and Saffron.

W00t! A tute! Distressed Victorian Lace recycled jewellery pendant

It’s about time I shared a tutorial with you. I have a couple of other ones I hope to post relatively soon too…

You will need:
Clear Polyester Gelcoat
Plastic spoon (optional)
Plastic cup
Mixing stick
Mould release spray
Hot pink Pearl Ex powder
Lisa Pavelka “Romance” Texture stamp
Band Saw or Junior Hacksaw
Black pigment inkpad
Acrylic spray
9mm jump ring
Recycled jewellery chain
Recycled flower dangly earring

Pearl Ex powder and Lisa Pavelka stamp from the Polymer Clay Pit: www.polymerclaypit.co.uk

1) Prep the texture stamp with mould release spray and leave to dry. Spoon about 4 level teaspoons of polyester gelcoat into a plastic cup and add catalyst as directed.

2) Stir well until it is a beige colour instead of pink and sprinkle in some pink pearl ex powder. Use the stick to mix this in thoroughly to give a pearlised effect.

3) Pour the gelcoat onto the rubber stamp and then level out with the spoon. Leave to set for about an hour- gelcoat sets much faster than normal resin!

4) Pull the rubber carefully away from the resin piece.

5) Cut a rectangle out of the resin sheet. I used a band saw, but you can also use a junior hacksaw if you don’t have one.

6) Apply the ink to the texture on the resin thoroughly and leave to dry for a few minutes before sealing with an acrylic spray.

7) Drill a hole through the top of the piece. Take some old chain from some retro costume jewellery and attach each end to the pendant through a 9mm jump ring. The chain should be long enough that it doesn’t need a clasp. Next, take the earwire off an old costume earring and hand the charm in front of the resin piece. Close the jump ring.


Some new buys…

I have a new camera! I got myself a D90 yesterday to replace my tired old Fuji S5, but I can’t photograph it as I used it to take these pictures!

Last week I saw this outside a junk shop and had to buy it! It’s a Jones Sewing Machine and iron leg table, made in the UK and later bought out by Brother. I think it’s circa 1930s, but if you know more than me please let me know! It even had the old instruction manual and haberdashery bits. I have the wooden cover too and the key to lock it! I’ve started to sand it down as I plan to varnish it as it looks like lovely natural wood underneath the harsh black paint!

I bought this fabric deer head from a guy I saw at a craft fair. He sold the one I wanted before I had the money to pay for it, so I since ordered it custom and picked it up on Wednesday. Isn’t it fab?

Both look great in my new office!

PennyDog’s bonkers clearout bonanza!

Did that grab your attention? 😉

I’ve just got back from a stockist who has changed my stock over and no longer want my image pendant range, in favour of fabric pendants. I didn’t realise quite how much stuff they had though! So this weekend I am offering you, dear reader, up to 50% off! These items sell for £14-15, but any of these can be yours for just £7.50 plus £1.50 postage! (£2 if outside of the UK)

Give me a shout here or by e-mail (kerry_l_wilkinson(at!)hotmail.com) and I will allocate these to you and invoice them out…


So here we go!

American Goldfinch- 1 in stock

_DSF8251Cafe Du Bresil- 1 in stock


Finch Bird- 2 in stock

_DSF8254Hawaii Aloha!- 2 in stock

_DSF8255Kingbird- 1 in stock

_DSF8257Miami Beach, Florida- 3 in stock

_DSF8259New York- 1 in stock

Badger- 2 in stock

Popping candy (image varies slightly)- 3 in stock

_DSF8260Miscela Leone- 3 in stock

_DSF8262Braniff Airways- 1 in stock

_DSF8263Trans Australian Railway- 1 in stock

_DSF8264Bird and nest- 2 in stock

_DSF8266Lace pendants- please choose from a, b or c B AND C SOLD OUT!


Oh my Gosh.

This site is so simple in what it tries to achieve, but I love it, it’s bonkers at the same time!

Supermarket Sarah is like an online charity shop/car boot sale/vintage market stall, based in Sarah’s home around the corner from Portobello Road. All items in the photograph are available to buy, all you have to do is click them to add to your basket. Love it.

Make 50 Week 18 and 19 and a small request

I’ve kind of made two things this week, so I’ve decided to catch up as I think I fell behind a little while back. This bangle has vintage sewing pattern inside and reclaimed buttons and was made for vInTaGe VioLeT, who has been providing me with little tags to label my jewellery up.

I also made a ring with watch parts inside using a ring blank from http://www.dichro-findings.co.uk – they have loads of great things to choose from, so I think I will be paying another visit. Now I just need to name the ring so I can list it on Etsy and Folksy!


I went to Breedon Priory today again and picked up some awesome saucers with orange trees on them (not pictured), I plan to put these on the wall. I also got this exercise book, the pages are dated 1911. I got it because I really liked the drawings inside, and how the images of animals were drawn to support a mathematical exercise (pig pen size).


I also went to Staunton Harold and picked up some scrap fabrics from the quilting shop. I love scraps, because even tiny pieces can be made into jewellery, and the small parts make you appreciate the bigger pattern. This is where my request comes in! I would love to buy or trade for any fabric scraps you have with small designs on, so please get in touch if you can help! kerry (at) penny-dog.co.uk

Make 50: Week 15 and 16

Since I fell a little behind with my makes, here is last week’s and this week’s together in a single blog post 🙂

Week 15 saw me making a heck of a lot of wool flowers, then wrapping the stems with floral tape… A bit different for me, but there again so were the sock zombies 🙂

And then this week I have been making samples for Kathleen and Lily’s, they wanted some brooches as their shop has a vintage theme, and I thought the resin piece was a bit bland on it’s own so I jujed (is that how Gok would spell it?) it up a little. Sending it to them today, I hope it is approved! Let me know if you think I should make some of these for my website, do you like them?

Make 50: Week 3

It’s been a bit quiet on my blog recently for several reasons. Firstly, I’ve been slaving away on my book, working on background things such as getting it registered so that bookshops can order it when it is released, there have been quite a lot of custom orders, I’ve been geocaching and also making enough jewellery out of recycled materials for the “Make Do and Mend” exhibition last weekend:

So I’m back on the Make 50 challenge, and this week it is something I made for this event, made from a recycled book. Just going to list it on Etsy, Folksy and my site today!