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Wiggly Bags – Stitching for charity

I made these two bags in just a few minutes with just two 6″ squares of fabrics, a tiny bit of Velcro and 2m of tape each. They are for the Olivia Holmes Foundation and they hold Hickman lines- also known as central lines- for ill children (used for chemotherapy, blood transfusions and giving medicine without having to have lots of needles) so they can have them tucked cleanly out of the way whilst they aren’t receiving treatments.

I must admit the idea of having a wiggly makes me feel very squeamish, I can’t even cope with belly buttons! I don’t know how these kids do it.

I’m going to make a couple more for The Liberty Rose Trust near Tamworth, which are a bit more local to me too.

The fabric I’ve chosen is for slightly older kids as I didn’t really have any fabric suitable for the very young at first glance. I’m pretty sure I have something with puppies and chicks on though somewhere, so they will be used for my next batch. I originally stitched these with ribbon and then realised that they might be a bit scratchy around the neck pieces so I’ve gone for more traditional twill tape. I have a big roll of it, it’s just a bit boring to look at!

Another minor adjustment I made- I put the end of the tape under the fold for the first pieces and simply folded it over when I stitched to hide the end.

So if you have some bright, fun scraps in your stash, this could be a great way of using them up whilst doing some good at the same time. They are really simple to make, so for more details on the cause and the instructions, please visit the Strawberry Patch blog.