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My first patchwork

Whilst I had the sewing machine out yesterday, I started to teach myself patchwork. I didn’t construct it in the most orthodox way of piecing the blocks and then sewing into strips, I made the blocks and started outwards from the bottom left corner! I also didn’t use a rotary cutter, as mine had exploded and didn’t baste it at all but the pieces are actually pretty small and I used my seam allowance attachment. My final two-fingers-up-to-convention was that I used the zipper foot on my machine throughout as I have lost my zig zag foot! Fear not, come payday I will order another!

So this is working pretty well and I’m not sure whether to make a wall hanging (might be too pink and girly for that!) or a cover for my sewing machine (since I lost that too!), or even a quilt for one of the little girls in the family. What do you think? Adding more to the piece tonight!


OMG I don’t believe it

I’ve actually had a bit of resin crafting mojo back! So much so I’ve been working on new designs for the first time in absolutely months. It’s so refreshing not churning out the same stuff, I think I might have to slowly filter in some changes this year, discontinuing more items and introducing new ones..

Here’s a sneaky peek of my lyric bangles and some more vintage animal pendants waiting to be sanded…

I’ve listed more supplies on Folksy today too.

Work in Progress

I’m working on a custom order for an orange and apple bangle and earrings at the minute- it takes lots of resin layers and lots of clay slices and I’m itching to see the end result!

Let me explain…

My desks are ridiculously untidy at the minute as I’ve got a lot on…. I thought I’d show you!

I’ve since done a little more on some of the items. The paperweight is finished and the picture frame is starting to look so much better than I could have ever hoped!

What to do with these?

I made some little resin Love Hearts and dipped them in red paint. Was hopnig the coverage would have been a little more regular, but never mind. However, I can’t think what to do with them? They are actual size (as I casted from real sweeties), so I’m thinking rings, but I just aren’t that into them when I play about. There’s also pendants… or maybe a charm bracelet? Help!

Make 50: Week 45 and custom order continued

My make for this week is this pair of earrings, they have fabric embedded inside which gives them an ornate sketchy feel.

I am progressing with the custom order I blogged about in my last post. The pieces are now sanded and polished (sorry for the flash I took it after 10pm last night), I drilled them this morning and started working on the findings, though I need some ribbon clamps and triangular clamps to be delivered before the bulk of the work can be done. I will also be making real silver name tags for them too, so there will be another update…


PennyDog’s Progress Part 2

All the knitting needles (and all but 3 bangles and a ring) are done! I’m waiting on some buttons for the ends of the sea green needles and just finishing the leaf ends for the winter snow ones, but no more wrist cramps from sanding the sticks on 600 grit paper, yey!

PennyDog’s Progress….

Well after the mayhem that was my last post my desk is a lot tidier and I seem to be getting somewhere. I should take a picture of my desk really to prove I’m not as dirty as I appeared to be- I’ve even changed the table lining as I got uncatalysed silicone all over the place.

Anyway this was the scene yesterday morning, still a long way to go (only 6 pairs done out of 36):

By lunch time I had to stop as we had guests! (15 pairs done out of 36):

And by this morning I only had 6 more pairs to make out of 36, which I will finish later. I have run out of sunflower and spotty buttons, so some of them are sanded waiting for their toppers to arrive through the post, but I’m happier with the situation. Still some jewellery pieces to sand (including two bangles that keep messing up and I may need to recast one) and a logo plaque to go, and I’m aiming to post on Wednesday! 

I am admittedly still a little stressed as I don’t finish work until 5pm and I really want to get going on this!

Giving it a whirl….

I had a go at a resin painting effect. Didn’t come out the same as I’d drawn it, but it looks kind of like fire! I think I like it, and plan to make more in fire colours- what do you think?

I made these…. now what?!

There’s a ton of moss around outside since the snow, our lawn will need completely reseeding! I decided to make the best of the situation by making these cabochons, though I’m still trying to think of ways of using them!

A few people have inspired me to try some felty stuff as I’m not sure how they will work being completely see-through, as if I attach a ring finding for example you will be able to see it. I’m going to see if I can drill close to the edge without breaking them tonight.