Thinking about a PhD

I’ve recently been thinking about studying for a PhD part time, then I discovered Leicester University run a distance Media and Communications research program and I’m very tempted. Thing is I’m also scared because I feel like a bit of an unintelligent numpty- my first step should be to call admissions, or even fill in the form with the 3-4 pages of selling my project idea (which by the way is “Parenting and the influence of social networking”). Not only am I scared of rejection but I’m also scared of the whopping £13k cost if I don’t find funding because of the cap lifting on tuition fees, and I don’t know if this is in total or for a year- and it will take about 4-5 years to complete!  I’m a bit clueless about this to be honest, I know there is money from the Economic and Social Research council but no idea if I would be eligible.

Perhaps I should do an MA first and stop trying to cut corners- though if my proposal is good it’s not essential that I already have a postgraduate  qualification.

Anyone out there who can help me clear the fog? I’ve been out of education for a couple of years and I now find myself out of the loop and a bit clueless- but enthusiastic!


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    I work in a uni and juts left a job working with PG Research students…

    I may be wrong, but I think if you want to do a PhD eventually you might have do you your masters by research…

    Very rarely do people do PhDs without funding, probably a cost implication, but I reckon if you had funding your paper would be taken more seriously…

    Umm if you have any questions I can try to help… x

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    Depending on your undergrad degree and classification you may well be able to do a PhD without a PG qualification. The 13k is more than likely per year (this is why most PhD students only do them with funding unless you have got a a very rich daddy to pay!) Most PhDs at any uni that are open to UK or EU students usually already have funding however you have to do it on what they want you to research. Sometimes there is some chance of negotiation on title, so if you have a title in mind seeking external funding is a really good option. Spk to the department at the Uni your looking to study at about all the different options regarding getting a PhD and funding, they should be able to give you details of funding you can apply for. Hope that helps! Cx

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