SoapyChica review, 2 of 3

My bathroom smells lovely now I have another soap open and by the bath! Yesterday I tried the Creamy Fruit Smoothie bar I got as a freebie. The bar seemed to lather easier than the truffles, probably due to it being a more conventional shape. This doesn’t affect the look of the bar though, as it still has a pretty pattern on the top!

I found that the scent was fresh, but smelled a bit like a cheesecake or a milkshake, where the fruit scent isn’t so obvious as to what exactly it is, but it is most definitely fruity.  I used almost half of the bar in one bath, though I do have my water quite hot, and I did drop it quite a bit! Not too shabby for a free soap!

SoapyChica’s shop can be found at


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