Sneaky Secret Jewellery Sale

Just for you dear reader! I have lots of my resin jewellery just sat in a drawer so I thought I would root out some handmade bargains for you- just e-mail me if you fancy any of this little lot: kerry_l_wilkinson(At)

Prices include UK postage and all items are boxed and on chains where applicable.

Textured yellow and silver bangle – medium/large – £8

Little Crucifix Pendant – £5

Blue embedded fabric pendant on ribbon – £6

Jumbo purple rose ring (adjustable) – £4

French Kids vintage graphic pendant – £6

New York graphic pendant – £7

Large red heart brooch -£4

Coffee Drops Cufflinks – £7

Ladybird ring (approx size L) – £4

Scrabble tile pendants – £3.50 each


Thanks for looking!

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