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Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still Penny from the block…

I’ve recently been making faux gemstones and plan to make these in all of the birthstones! originally they were made with drill in bails:

but now they have these new stick on ones, making them much neater and giving a cleaner finish!:

The bails if you want to use them for your own jewellery come in packs of 10 for 50p in the PennyDog shop, and the “Diamond” earrings and pendant will be added to the “Sparkle” category a little later today!


I want candy

In addition to the Love Heart pieces, I now make jelly teddy earrings 🙂

Tutorial: Dead easy earring display

I made this display to replace my tatty acrylic one at craft fairs and it was so easy I thought I’d share it with you. You can also use it to hang your own earrings on at home, and works for both dangles and stud types as long as they’re not too small.

– 2 sturdy wood frames the same size. I chose 2 black A5 size ones, but the bigger they are the more earrings they will hold
– 7 mesh plastic canvas
-2 jewellery box hinges (4 if going for A4 size)
– Hammer and miniature screwdriver or pin vice
– Glue Gun
– It’s optional, but if you wanted to colour your mesh, you could do so by leaving in fabric dye overnight.

1) Take your frames and carefully remove the backing board and glass.
2) Cut the plastic canvas to size using the backing board as a guide. It will need to be the same size. and you will need to cut two.
3)Put the canvas into the frame and fold down the prongs on the back to secure it in place. Add a small blob of glue from your glue gun in each corner to stop it from sagging.
4) Once the glue is cool and hard, put the frames together so that the front on both are touching. Attach your brackets to the top and bottom of the long edge. Use your pin vice or tiny screwdriver to make the initial hole before bashing the pins that hold the brackets in with the hammer.
5) Admire your (not very) hard work! The way that the frames open  means that they will stand on their own accord.

12 days of Christmas: 4th December

Let me know which you’d like in a note with payment or I will send at random!


Make 50: Week 45 and custom order continued

My make for this week is this pair of earrings, they have fabric embedded inside which gives them an ornate sketchy feel.

I am progressing with the custom order I blogged about in my last post. The pieces are now sanded and polished (sorry for the flash I took it after 10pm last night), I drilled them this morning and started working on the findings, though I need some ribbon clamps and triangular clamps to be delivered before the bulk of the work can be done. I will also be making real silver name tags for them too, so there will be another update…


Make 50: Week 44

This week’s make is this pair of ladybird earrings:

And I was asked to keep you posted on the friendship necklaces, so here are the two I currently have available, working on a girly girly one at the minute:

Make 50: Week 31

I made this pair of clownfish earrings for my make this week!

Make 50: Week 30

For my make this week I have these heart earrings. There’s actually more to them than meets the eye- first I cut off the shank on some heart shaped buttons and created a mould from them in silicone, then cast the resin (which for some reason kept missing pieces of the heart out). WhenI eventually got 2 whole harts, I sanded and polished them, then drilled a cup for a swarovski to sit in. This then had to be gelcoated in place and the posts added in the same way to the reverse. I’m selling these for ÂŁ12, and need to list these on my website today!

Make 50: Week 25 – The idea worked!

Remember that rough sketch a few posts ago? Well it turned into a rather nice pair of resin J-hoop earrings! I’m really pleased with how these turned out, I am currently making some silver leaf ones as we speak!

Make 50: Week 22 and 23

I was a bit naughty and didn’t blog a make last week, that’s not to say that I didn’t make anything, I in fact made a lace cuff amongst other lacy things for Kathleen and Lily’s but didn’t take a photo. A lot of my makes get shipped off as soon as they’re finished which makes this (and my failed attempt at Crafting 365 over on Flickr) near impossible for me!
Anyway here goes, these are technically kind of the same thing, but I don’t think it matters- available on Etsy, Folksy and my site

Battenburg cake stud earrings:

Pink Grapefruit stud earrings: